Thursday, September 10, 2009

The "Martyrdom" of Van Jones

The left has been all a twitter about the tragically fallen Van Jones.  Not knowing much about the man, I have only this to say:  He's a quitter, just like Sarah Palin.  No, there's not a difference.  The right was no worse to him than the left was to her, and even if they had been, only wimps let themselves get punked out.  No amount of whitewashing or finger pointing or historical revision can turn the vacancy left by coward into the mutilated body of a martyr to symbolize the opposition's savagery.

Save your tears for the fallen in Iraq, in Afghanistan and soon, the streets of America; for the brothers, Bill and John, will shed each other's blood again over a false dichotomy, too long in the politically fossilized vendetta of binary and too brief in the dawning light of possibility and cohesion.  And after Kansas bleeds and Mississippi burns, will they have the wisdom to see the liars who divided this American House through the veil of distraction and sensationalism?  Will these grapes of wrath at last be vinted out to those, who, drunk on disharmony and agitation, destroyed the sacred bond of brotherhood?

The veil is rising and providence awaits the guilty


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